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GCA student, Sean Grace, on WVLT

You likely read the recent story of GCA Junior Sean Grace, who at the age of 13, scored a 36 on the ACT on his third attempt on the test.  WVLT picked up the story, and interviewed Sean and his mother, Mrs. Jennifer Grace, in a great segment during their Local 8 News episode on Monday, October 22, 2019.  Sean discussed his test preparation strategies, provided advice for other students preparing for standardized testing, and his mother shared a story of Sean's preschool years when they first began to see his rapid academic progress.

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Mrs. Eller's Class wins Battle of the Bottle Competition

Congratulations to Mrs. Eller's first-grade class who won the Lower School level competition of the Battle of the Bottles! Her class collected the most money toward the donations made to benefit Investing Hope (Hope Resource Center), that seeks to minister to moms with unplanned pregnancies.

They enjoyed a special reward breakfast for their dedication and great efforts during this competition.

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2018 GCA Storytelling Festival a Success

Congratulations to all of the talented participants in today's annual GCA Storytelling Festival!

We were honored to have a group of distinguished judges from WVLT, including Ted Hall, Amanda Hara, and Doug Johnson, in addition to GCA teacher, Mrs. Julie Bass, and former GCA staff member, Shannon Morris.  Twelve talented students performed and entertained the audience with their lively stories.

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