Jessica Taylor: GCA Class of 2020

How long have you been enrolled at GCA?

I am a lifer at GCA. I started in Pre-K 4 so this is my 14th year.


What will you miss most about GCA?

I will miss many things, but chapel is one of my favorite parts of attending Grace. Taking a break from academics to sing songs of praise is always so fun!  I will also miss participating in the Ensemble and singing at all the concerts and events.


Was there a GCA teacher or staff member that had a significant impact on your life?

There have been many teachers that enriched my education by encouraging and uplifting me in and out of the classroom. I always knew that I had someone, and usually many people, that I could come to for help. ... 

For high school especially, I know I could not have achieved all I have without the support, friendship, and love from my teachers. Specifically, my German teacher, Mrs. Randles, my Calculus teacher, Mrs. Casebier, my history teacher, Ms. Anderson, and my choir director, Mrs. Porier, are all people who made high school enjoyable for me and I consider them as dear friends. By providing spiritual guidance, emotional support, and a lot of laughter in addition to great academic teaching, these teachers and many others got me through school, and I will always be grateful to them.

Mrs. Porier especially provided a light in the midst of difficult times by welcoming me into the Ensemble and letting me sing with the choir every single morning, something that always lifted my mood and gave me a reason to smile. Singing with them is an experience I cherish.


How has GCA helped you grow in your faith and prepared you for the next season in life?  

Since I've been at GCA all my life, my testimony follows my time at school. In Mrs. Borden's kindergarten class, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Going to a school that always reinforced the teaching I heard at church and at home was extremely valuable to my relationship with Jesus and my knowledge of the Bible. GCA has prepared me by teaching me the Word, explaining how to live as a follower of Jesus, and showing me through the examples of the staff how Christians work together to further God's Kingdom.

GCA gave me my greatest friends, a wealth of knowledge to bolster my faith, and wonderful memories I will always keep with me.


What are your plans after graduation from GCA?  

I plan to attend UTK and continue to study German and other languages. I would like to pursue history and math as well, but my main intentions are to start off with general classes as I am not yet sure of which direction I will take.