Caitlin Dixon

When did you first transfer to GCA?

I transferred to GCA in October of my sophomore year.


What was your first impression of GCA?

My first impression was how involved the teachers and staff were not only during school but after school as well with extracurriculars.


How is GCA different from your previous school/educational experience?

I attended a public school prior to coming to Grace so being able to pray during school and talk about God openly in the class room is the biggest difference.


What is your favorite class at GCA, and why?

My favorite class is Bible because we get to better understand scripture and its meaning rather than just memorizing verses.


Has there been a teacher at GCA that has impacted your life?  How?

The teacher who has had the most impact on me has been Dr. Zockoll. His teaching style combined with his concern for his students’ education about God and the Bible makes me eager to grow in my faith.


What is something that you’d share with a prospective family who is considering GCA?

While at GCA I have made so many friends that push me to be a better person and Christian. The environment is always positive and there will always be someone to help along the way.