The Roggeman & Hurt Family

How did you first hear about Grace Christian Academy?

Online research


What was the difference that made you choose GCA for your child?

Following our tour and after talking to several parents, it was an easy decision.


What has been your favorite part of your child's experience at GCA?

How easily she was embraced as a new high school student. The support system was amazing and made the transition such an easy one. Everything is in place for success on all levels: academic, social, and spiritual.


What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

It has proven to be the best gift we could have given our child. It helps grow their education, but it also prepares their heart. My daughter could have easily gotten overlooked in a public school, but she has had the opportunity to soar at Grace and truly develop herself personally and academically. I have no doubt that she will be prepared and equipped for the next step in her journey.