The Johnson Family

How did you first hear about Grace Christian Academy?

I (Carol) grew up in Karns and was friends with Kristi Stewart so we knew of the school and had a few friends whose kids attended.

What was the difference that made you choose GCA for your child(ren)?

Honestly, we had our minds set on another private Christian school but decided to visit 3 when our son was starting Pre-K4. Grace was on the list and due to scheduling was the last one we visited. We were amazed at the sharp contrast between the schools. I'll never forget Teri Rash inviting us to observe a classroom in progress. The 4 year olds were sitting quietly at their tables working while the teacher took turns working one on one with the kids. I thought, if they can do that with our energetic 4 year old boy they can do most anything. The other schools we visited were a little chaotic. As I said we had our minds fixed on another school but our hearts connected with Grace and the people we met on our visit.

What has been your favorite part of your child's experience at GCA?

Campbell gave his heart to Christ on our way home from school one afternoon in first grade because of the chapel service that day. His teachers celebrated with us (Laurel Roberts/Rachel Eller). We have loved every single teacher he has had and they have shown nothing but love and support for Campbell's success.

What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

We have had the opportunity to share about Grace with various parents/grandparents over the last few years. We brag about the community of teachers, parents and administrators that we have supporting and helping each other as well as the sincere spirit of the school. The teachers are involved and care about our kids lives both at school and beyond and they are so open and accessible. I had a conversation with a parent yesterday who is concerned about bullying in schools to which I replied that yes there is bullying even in Christian schools. But the difference is that I can pick up the phone and talk to a teacher or administrator and feel confident the issue will be addressed immediately. There is not a committee to go through first or a long waiting list to talk to the teacher. We truly work closely together to insure the best outcome for our kids.