The Irick Family

Why did you choose Grace Christian Academy?

Drew attended the shadow day last school year and loved his visit because he "felt welcome, included and a part of the class" just from spending a few hours with potential classmates.  That is a huge statement from a teenage boy who literally did not knows anyone at GCA.  This experience began our process of praying about moving him to Grace for high school.  As we traveled through the acceptance process and invitation for him to attend GCA God really impressed on our hearts that this is where Drew needed to be.  We wanted strong Christian accountability for our son and a school where he could grow spiritually, academically, athletically and emotionally.  We began to see the excitement of the staff and parents as they explained the priority of spiritual growth and the dedication to excellence for academics and we knew we needed to make this change.  


What has been your favorite part of your GCA experience so far?

I have two answers to this question.  My very favorite experience has been watching Drew extend himself in the classroom and in relationships.  His time is really limited with GCA football but in spite of that he is making wonderful grades and really cares about continuing to be dedicated to his academic responsibilities.  He is becoming a responsible, Christian young man and he is thriving in his environment at GCA!  Second favorite part of our GCA experience is the organization and communication!!  It is a hard transition to leave a school where you have been for 12 years and learn the processes, lingo and expectations of a new place but GCA has gone above and beyond to communicate with us as parents and with Drew.  This effort even pertains to football - we received the schedule for practice and games for the 2019 season in April which is totally awesome because we can plan our life months ahead of time!


What would you tell parents who are considering a Christian education for their child?

We chose to give both of our kids a Christian education because we wanted help in weaving the love of the Lord and His word into the souls of our kids.  We also wanted help in them understanding the point of reference for their decisions and life choices need to begin with God and His plan for their lives.  Christian education focuses on spiritual development in addition to academic development which provides Christian accountability and not just academic pressure to perform.