The Bock Family

How did you first hear about Grace Christian Academy?

My brother's kids were already attending GCA.


What was the difference that made you choose GCA for your child?

GCA had in depth resources for my child as compared to other schools (facilities, quality of teachers, tutoring, etc...).


What has been your favorite part of your child's experience at GCA?

The academics are excellent; however, my favorite part of GCA is the spiritual focus of the school and the staff.


What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

I attended a private Christian school in Knoxville with my brother and sister, long before GCA was established. The foundation and enhancement to our faith has been cherished by all of us. I knew when my daughter was born that I would send her to private Christian school as well. I want the same experience for her. As far as academics, my parents moved due to a job promotion to an area where private school was not available in the seventh grade. I did not have to study for over a year. The GCA academics and resources for GCA academics far exceed the private school I attended. I know, based on my experience, my daughter could not be positioned better academically. As to the Christian perspective, I have two siblings and what our private Christian school provided for our faith and the impact to our lives cannot be understated. As a result, all of my father's grandchildren have attended private Christian school.