The Belitz Family

Casey and Jennifer Belitz first became familiar with Grace Christian Academy when they were newly married and joined Grace Baptist Church. As their family grew, Casey and Jennifer's perspective changed as they began to consider the implications and benefits that a Christian education could mean for their four children.

Get to know Casey, Jennifer, Miller, Claire, Kori Anne, and Eliza today! 


How did you first hear about Grace Christian Academy?

We went to Grace Baptist Church when we were newly married and heard about the academy. It didn't mean as much then as it did once we had kids and they went to Grace Baptist Pre-K.


What was the difference that made you choose GCA for your children?

Hands down the Biblical world view. I find it invaluable to be surrounded by like-minded teachers and parents when educating my children.


What has been your favorite part of your child's experience at GCA?

My children are part of a family. They are known by name. They are loved and cherished. They have purpose when inside the doors of this building. The confidence I see in them when they speak of God's love is an overwhelming confirmation that they are in the right place.


What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

Prayerfully consider what it is you want for your child's education. If you want a world view and education that align with the Bible, I would highly recommend considering GCA. Then make it work. It is a huge sacrifice to consider private school education, but the benefits are beyond any of my doubts.


Think back to any reservations or concerns you may have felt when you first considered GCA for your family.  How did you overcome these concerns? 

I have four children, two parent household that both work full time. Private School is not necessarily "in our budget". But we made a commitment that this would be our investment in our children's' education for as long as we can do it. We feel called to set this foundation. We take it year by year and prayer by prayer, but so far the door has remained open.