The Anderson Family

I chose GCA for my son for many reasons.  My first reason is because in elementary school and my freshman year of high school I attended GCA as well.  I love that the doors stay locked (even classrooms) so that I can feel calmer and know my son is safe.  I also love that even while he is learning, he is also learning about Christianity and often comes home singing songs about our God! 

My favorite part of GCA this far is how sweet, and kind all the staff are! I’ve mentioned previously, this is my son's and my first time away from each other and I was very worried and nervous of how things would be.  Everyone being so sweet really made him feel comfortable and welcome and he adapted very well and quickly! It also helped me knowing he is loving school, his friends, and Mrs.  Windham! (This morning he even told me he could walk in by himself...and he’s only in Kindergarten!) 

And, what would I tell parents who are considering a Christian education for their child? Me, personally I think this is a greater option because you are teaching your child to grow up knowing God and how great he is.  Private schools encourage strong quality teaching and encourages higher education learning.  The classrooms are smaller, and it gives the teacher more one on one time with each child. 

-Talya Anderson