Meet our Families!

The Stone Family

"GCA is a fantastic school in so many ways, but we are so incredibly thankful for how this opportunity will impact our children’s lives for eternity!"

The Browder Family

"We chose GCA because we want our girls to grow up surrounded by fellow believers who will encourage and nurture their walk with God..."

The Belitz Family

"My children are part of a family. They are known by name. They are loved and cherished. They have purpose when inside the doors of this building."

The Spetar Family

"We have learned that Christian education goes beyond math and reading, as GCA focuses on teaching the whole child. Not only do our boys learn math and reading, they also are learning to extend kindness, forgiveness, love, service, and prayers."

The Rhyan Family

"We could tell that Prenstyn wasn't just going to be another number in the school, but that he was going to be a part of something much greater; we instantly became family."

The Rymer Family

"The staff is so loving of the kids and their dedication to them is easy to see."

The Baker Family

"...the teachers and administrators care about my children’s spiritual learning and their relationship with Jesus as much as Math and Science and other school subjects."

The Irick Family

"As we traveled through the acceptance process and invitation for him to attend GCA God really impressed on our hearts that this is where Drew needed to be."

The Maltman Family

"The staff truly cares for the children and promote the same values and beliefs we instill at home."