Meet our Faculty & Staff!

Lee Ann Eaves

"My favorite time is singing worship songs with my students during bible lessons."

Tonya Wilson

"I want my students to remember that I love them and will always have an open door for them."

Amber Thomas

"One unique quality that I pray to demonstrate each day is the ability to communicate God’s Word in an understanding way for students to grasp, understand, and apply to their lives."

Joy Andrist

"I don’t want a student to ever feel like they can’t do it because it’s too hard. We are all so unique and we need to know God has a plan for us."

Fran Rayho

"I want students to gain the love of learning new things from having known me. Whether it be academic or life, I want students to soak in knowledge and try new things!" 

Tim Smith

"What I love most (about GCA) is the kindness from everyone I meet.  It always feels like family here."

Gera Stooksbury

"I love the fact that we get to pour into these young minds and that we can answer hard questions with biblical truths. In every subject, we get to direct our students back to God."  

Kristie Hees

"I love to watch my students find their talents in and out of the classroom."

Erin Sinnott

"I am excited to be able to explain new concepts and ideas to my students, while relating all things back to God and His love for us."