Meet our Faculty & Staff!

Amy McAfee

"I want my students to remember my love for God, my joy, and the fun that we had together while studying academics."

Debbie McConnon

"I love teaching in a place that puts God's mission at the forefront of everything we do!"

Lanna Windham

"I want my students to remember that we loved each other, learned about Jesus, and had a good time."

Darryl Andrist

"I love the fellowship among colleagues and the student body atmosphere at GCA."

Greg Wilson

"I also love being a small part of an amazing team of faculty members."

Lee Ann Eaves

"My favorite time is singing worship songs with my students during bible lessons."

Tonya Wilson

"I want my students to remember that I love them and will always have an open door for them."

Amber Thomas

"One unique quality that I pray to demonstrate each day is the ability to communicate God’s Word in an understanding way for students to grasp, understand, and apply to their lives."

Fran Rayho

"I want students to gain the love of learning new things from having known me. Whether it be academic or life, I want students to soak in knowledge and try new things!"