Faith Kitts, Class of 2022

Faith Kitts, Class of 2022

"The atmosphere at Grace is something I will never take for granted and I am so thankful for it." 

Meet Faith Kitts, GCA Class of 2022. In her senior response, Faith shared how her experience at GCA deepened her faith and broadened her perspective as she prepared for the next season of life after high school graduation.

How long have you been enrolled at GCA?  

I have been enrolled at GCA for 4 years.  

What will you miss most about GCA? 

I will miss the community and fellowship. Having teachers that pour into me every day and being surrounding by a Christ-like friend group is something I will cherish forever. The atmosphere at Grace is something I will never take for granted and I am so thankful for it. 

Was there a GCA teacher or staff member that had a significant impact on your life?  How? 

I have had the privilege to have a relationship with Ms. Jackson. Although she is fantastic at teaching Spanish, she truly cares about every single student at Grace. She has been able to mentor me, encourage me, and teach life skills that I will take with me when I leave. Even though she has gone through seasons of suffering and trials, she has used her testimony to build the kingdom and make disciples throughout GCA. Ms. Jackson is one of the most selfless, wise, thoughtful, uplifting, and Christ-like women I have ever met. I am beyond thankful for having her in my life.  

How has GCA helped you grow in your faith and prepared you for the next season in life? 

When I came to GCA, I did not expect to grow in my faith as much as I did. Every single staff member at Grace has a heart for the students. Because the teachers at Grace, like Dr. Pointer, have taught me so much, I know I am now prepared to leave Grace with the right mindset, to go and spread the gospel. I know GCA’s number one priority is to give all the glory, honor, and praise to Jesus. Specific events like Senior Summit, Thursday chapels, Discipleship Week, and being in worship arts, have helped me shift my mindset from less of me, and more of Him. The only thing that matters is Christ alone, and GCA has taught me that whatever I do, I will give God all the glory.  

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at GCA? 

My favorite memory at GCA is getting to cheer on my Rams. Coach Jennifer and my cheer team have a special place in my heart. Although winning first place in every competition this past year was exciting, considering how much work we put in, the best part was being able to have that community to laugh with, cry with, love on, hold each other accountable, and push each other in our skills. Being able to stand on the sidelines supporting the best teams, with the best group of girls is something I will never forget.  

What are your plans after graduation from GCA?  

After graduation, I plan on going to the University of Tennessee to study business and marketing.