Meet our Alumni!

Allie Dunn, Class of 2017

Allie Dunn, GCA Class of 2019, has been busy with academics and collegiate athletics since her graduation from Grace Christian Academy.  We're excited to share an update on this talented graduate!

Eric Beecham, Class of 2018

"I have been exposed to a innumerable number of new ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and lifestyles. The Christian education I received has helped me navigate through these new experiences and identify those that align with the message of Christ, and those that do not."

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Griffin Witt, Class of 2016

"I truly feel as though the education I received at Grace put me a step ahead not only in the classroom when transitioning into college, but also in life."

Devan Coffey

"I will definitely miss the community here. I just remember during the football season when I would be walking somewhere on campus and see someone I did not know, to then have them say hello to me and congratulate me for my performance on the field the previous Friday."

Micah Watson, Class of 2021

"My favorite memory is my first day of school at GCA. I was immediately welcomed and am still best friends with the very first people I met."

Addie Peterson, Class of 2021

"The teachers make themselves available which means that they do truly care about the wellbeing of the students both in and outside the classroom."

Sarah Leab, Class of 2021

"GCA has prepared me for the next season in my life by facilitating my preparation for college and maintaining a strong emphasis on my faith."

Morgan Cleveland, Class of 2015

"My mother gave me two rules when I left for college and those were "#1- Don’t date a baseball player and #2- Don’t date a boy from Alabama.”

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Trey Northcutt, Class of 2017

"I have a heart for teaching and preparing the next generation of actors to go out into this world, so directing on an educational level is something I’d like to pursue as well."

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Dr. Adam Seal, Class of 2011

"The many great friendships I developed at GCA set a strong foundation for college and were crucial to my personal, spiritual, and professional growth in college."

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Elizabeth Seal Flick, Class of 2013

"It has been interesting (to say the least) beginning my career as a health care provider in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but God has been gracious and we take it one day at a time."

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Abigail Seal, Class of 2015

"My ideal job after graduating would be working as a Speech-Language Pathologist at a school for the Deaf or in a private clinic with children ages birth to 5 focusing on literacy and language."

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Ryan Randles, Class of 2016

"At GCA I began to develop skill in leadership, commitment, and conflict resolution; skills such as these make as big an impact on one's success as academics." 

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Chad Breeden, Class of 2013

"I am flying corporate where I fly private jets, doing flight instruction, and flying for the Civil Air Patrol.

I plan to fully own my own plane one day and even start a full flight school."

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Justin West, Class of 2019

"Christian education gave me the unique opportunity to grow and mature as a believer in Christ through both the teaching in the classrooms and the relationships that were built in them."

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Jeremiah Roberts, Class of 2014, Serving with Samaritan's Purse

"I think my desire to be involved in mission work had a lot to do with how my family, especially my mom, encouraged me to embrace the full gospel of Christ, even the hard parts that require us to look at difficult things and make sacrifices."

Jeremiah Roberts, Class of 2014 (pictured right)

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Gabrielle Johnson, Class of 2016

Congratulations to GCA graduate, Gabrielle Johnson (Class of 2016), who was just awarded the 1911 Society Award at ETSU!  She was notified by the University President via video conference on Friday, April 24.  

A plaque with her picture will hang at the Tennessee room in the ETSU Culp Center.  She is also the first to graduate with an honors double major with a shared thesis.  We're so incredibly proud of your continued commitment to excellence, Gabrielle!

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Kimberlee Palmer Smith, Class of 2017

"The mission statement for my business is this: when I am at a loss in technique and skill, God is faithful with me still, showing me how to paint His creation. I must give Him all the credit always."

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Hannah Sloas, Class of 2018, Performs at Theatre Festival

Hannah Sloas, GCA Class of 2018, was a familiar face on the stage while she was a student at Grace Christian Academy.  As a talented vocalist and actress, Hannah had lead roles in a number of GCA productions during her time on campus.  

We're always excited to see our graduates continuing to use their gifts and talents, and Hannah is continuing to reach new heights in her performance career!

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Dr. Stephen Wilson, DPT, GCA Class of 2011

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Wilson, DPT, GCA Class of 2011, on his recent graduation from the Physical Therapy program at East Tennessee State University.  As of February 2020, Dr. Wilson is practicing at Benchmark Physical Therapy, and we're excited to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment with him!

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Brett Emery, Class of 2016, Prepares for Fellowship

GCA Class of 2016, Brett Emery, just graduated from the University of Tennessee summa cum laude with a major in Honors Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry.

Brett will begin a one year fellowship in Dresden, Germany, this September. 

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Austin Arnold, GCA Class of 2013

"Dr. Hirt’s class offered more than just expert advice on everything Biology, it provided a forum in which I could practice self-discipline, rebounding from failure, and effective communication."

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Madi Scealf, Class of 2013

"They (GCA teachers) really wanted each of us to succeed in all aspects of our life, especially spiritually. I loved that everyone knew everyone at school and how it felt like one big family."

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Kara Gowder Townsend, Class of 2013

"The community at Grace is unlike any other I have ever experienced, and I am so thankful that I have made lifelong relationships that have come from the GCA community."

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Elizabeth Flick, Class of 2013

"After graduating from a large public college, I often looked back and realized how special it was that I was surrounded by so many godly people early in my life."

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Lauren Hensley, Class of 2014

"I probably would not be involved in missions and working with students if it weren’t for the influences I had in my life while at GCA.”

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Caitlyne Steward, Class of 2009

“As I think back on my time at GCA, I remember being surrounded by a community of people who challenged me to grow in my relationship with God and others."

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Bryan Thomas, Class of 2007

“At GCA, there is a great sense of community, not just between students, but also between students and our teachers. It’s awesome to be in a place where your teachers really care about you, and they also care about Jesus."

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Sarah McIntyre, Class of 2018

"What I love about GCA is that the teachers are personal in their relationships with the students and truly care about things going on in our lives."

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Tanner White, Class of 2017

"The environment at GCA is so encouraging emotionally and spiritually, and it helped me to grow in my walk with Christ as well."

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Brad Andrews, Class of 2014

"I never stepped through the doors wondering if I was valued or cared for. During my adolescent years, GCA proved to be more than an institution---it was a place of refuge."

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