Join the RAM Booster Club!

Interested in being a part of GCA MS/US Athletics? Consider joining the RAM Booster Club!  Our mission is to foster an environment that inspires student athletes to create  Christian character, develop a sense of community and to foster excellence in education, teamwork and leadership.

The Booster Club has GCA athletic wear available in the G2 Store under the Athletic Booster Club. You can also learn more on the GCA Athletics website, under Fan Zone.

When you join the RAM Booster Club, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

RAM Booster Club T-shirt X X X X (2)  
RAMS Hat   X X X (2)  
RBC Auto Decal X X X X (2) X
RBC Website Member's Listing X X X X X
Reserved Parking Lot Pass*     X    
VIP Tailgating Pass*       X  
$5 Food Voucher for RAM Concessions   X     X
$10 Food Voucher for RAM Concessions     X X  
PA Game Announcements       X  
Basketball Marquee Promotion       X  
1 Pass to all Home Sporting Events         X

Due to the generous donations from current members, the Ram Booster Club has already  purchased the following items for our student athletes:

Middle School:

  • New net system for volleyball
  • New soccer uniforms

Upper School:

  • New white game jerseys for football
  • Vertimax training machine to allow for workouts for all sports to become faster, quicker, jump higher, etc.
  • Two new televisions for scorers table in gym
  • New cheer flags for cheerleading
  • Jackets for soccer team to be re-used each year during the colder months
  • New baseball net and system to address drainage issue
  • 2 Airdyne bikes to be used by wrestling and other sports


Thank you to all our booster club members!  Join us today!

Questions? Please email