GCA Students Inducted into National Honor Society/National Jr. Honor Society

Congratulations to this fantastic group of GCA Middle and Upper School students who were inducted into the National Honor Society on Monday, November 2, in the Grace Baptist Church Worship Center.  We're so proud of your commitment to academic excellence and outstanding character!

Students are invited to join the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society based not only on their academic performance but based on the qualities found in the pillars of the NHS.  The pillars include Scholarship (a commitment to learning and growing on an educational path), Service (seeking out and engaging in meaningful service), Leadership (builds on service), and Character (valuing diverse cultures and building relationships that reflect love of self but also concern for others).

This year's inductees from the GCA Upper School include the following students.  We're so proud of you!

National Honor Society Inductees 2020:

Avery Arwood
Mason Brasfield
Ella Brooks
Noah Bruhin
Sophie Buchheit
Abigail Caldwell
Rebecca Clark
Hannah Cooper
Madison DeVault
Sadie Duggins
Benjamin Francisco
Marianne Gabriel
Samantha Ho
Arwen Hopko
Dylan Kimble
Nicholas Krauss
Trevor Lawrence
Connor Lawson
Makayla Leake
Corey Merida
Ellie Milligan
Emily Morgan
Alison Morris
Anna Claire Moss
Alyssa Radford
McKenna Rook
Lily Scogin
Daniel Silver
Haley Stansberry
Ian Startup
Caleb Alexander Tallent
Michael Toussaint
Joseph Tullock
Mackenzie Watson
Micah Watson
Charlotte Jennings Windham


This year's inductees into the National Junior Honor Society include the following GCA Middle School students:  

Bryson Bringle
Tinsley Bube
Sarah Butler
Sabrina Duggins
Grayson Gregory
Rylan Hickman
Slade Hickson
Hannah Hodges
Kaelyn Jackson
Judah Kendrick
Adeline Kose
Kaitlyn LeVan
Caden McAfee
Silas Moore
Emilee Myers
Crystal Nguyen
Chloe Patrick
Blake Perkey
Briggs Peterson
Mason Pike
Isaiah Pointer
Evan Pritchard
Julia Radford
Leo Risola
Asher Rodgers
Peyton Sawyer
Zachary Scoles
Abigail Seaman
Audrey Smith
Brady Smith
Kendall Stansbury
Grace Thompson
Lauren Thornton
Daniel Walker
Landon White
Peter White
Kamryn Young

Congratulations on this great accomplishment!