GCA Storytelling Festival 2020

The 2020 GCA Storytelling Festival did not disappoint!  Despite the necessary restrictions in attendance this year, this livestreamed event was another remarkable display of the gifts and talents by GCA students.  Third through sixth grade students competed for a panel of highly respected judges from WVLT and UTK as they shared stories based on their favorite mysteries.

We are so proud of our talented storytellers and how they used their talent for God's glory!  Thank you to Mrs. Tonya Wilson, Theatre Department Director, for the countless hours that you have poured into this annual program and the individual students as they prepared!  We are so thankful for you.

This year's winners include:
6th grade: 1st place, Landry B.; 2nd place, Payton T.; 3rd place, Emery B.
5th grade: 1st place, Vivie W.; 2nd place, Saylor H.; 3rd place, Piper Y.
4th grade: 1st place, Micah P., 2nd place, Chyler G.; 3rd place, Alonna A.
3rd grade: 1st place, Easton T.; 2nd place, Annabella G.; 3rd place, Elsa M.

Congratulations to all of these gifted students!