GCA Sixth Graders Make a Difference

GCA sixth-graders spent Wednesday, March 24, serving in a variety of ways on the GCA campus.  Designated "Serve Days" are part of our effort to provide service opportunities for Early Middle students.

GCA sixth-graders began the morning by serving with the Grace Baptist Church Children’s Ministry, helping fill the Easter eggs with candy to prepare for the egg hunt on Saturday.  After lunch, students created "Blessing Bags" that the students will take home and with their families give to someone who is homeless or in need of assistance that we often pass on the street as we drive around town.  They wrapped up the day by cleaning up around campus and writing encouraging notes to those who serve us so well each day on our campus. 

Thank you, students, for using your time and efforts to make a difference on our campus and in countless lives.  We're thankful for you!