GCA Senior Honored in Eagle Scout Ceremony

Congratulations to GCA senior, John Pickens, whose achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout was recognized in a ceremony on Sunday, April 11. Dr. Tony Pointer, GCA Head of School, and Dr. Brad Zockoll, US Bible Instructor, were on hand to speak at John's Eagle Scout Ceremony and support him in this outstanding achievement. 

We shared earlier this year that John had attained the impressive rank of Eagle Scout after completing a remarkable documentary on World War II Veterans and their experiences with Honor Air.  It was the culmination of hours of planning, videography, writing, editing and finalizing the project.

During this memorable ceremony, Dr. Brad Zockoll, GCA Bible Instructor, led the opening and closing prayers.  Dr. Tony Pointer, GCA Head of School, presented the Trail of Eagle portion of the ceremony.

We're so proud of you, John!