GCA Pom Team Succeeds at UDA Camp

The GCA Pom Team had a great experience at the Universal Dance Association Camp in St. Augustine, Florida!  The team competed with a "home routine" that they had prepared prior to camp and a "performance routine" that they learned while there.  Senior Lindsey Morgan also tried out and was selected as an All American.

Congratulations to this outstanding group!

The GCA Pom Team competed the first night of camp with their "Home Routine" that was choreographed and rehearsed before leaving for camp. The team was awarded a blue ribbon for this performance, the highest recognition possible.

While at camp, the group learned a "Performance Routine" as a team and learned two other routines which they performed individually. They were evaluated on the "Performance Routine" and received a blue ribbon. 

GCA upperclassmen tried out for All American and Lindsey Morgan, senior, was selected. Also during camp, the “Pin It Forward” pin is given to two girls from the entire camp who have demonstrated leadership, work ethic, kindness, and spirit. The two recipients are asked to give their pins to someone else at the camp who shows the same characteristics. On the first night of camp, Lauryn Baker, junior, received a pin, and on the second night Marianne Gabriel, senior, received one. 

We're so proud of this talented group, not only for their excellence in performance, but for their remarkable work ethic and leadership skills!