10th Annual Battle of the Bottles Continues

Be a part of the 2020 Battle of the Bottles with a donation to HOPE Resource Center as they continue to do life-saving work every day by empowering healthy choices for life by providing compassionate, holistic reproductive healthcare. This friendly, annual competition between GCA and CAK is going on now through October 23.

Let's go, Rams!  Help us make a difference in the lives of mothers and their unborn babies in this year's event!

10 Year of the Battle of the Bottles:

The Battle of the Bottles competition is celebrating 10 years this year! That's 10 years of students, parents, and teachers at CAK and GCA contributing to HOPE and saving the lives countless moms and babies in our community.

This year, for the first time ever, HOPE will be issuing a Battle of the Bottles trophy to the school with the most donations. This trophy will be one that will go back and forth between CAK and GCA year after year as this incredible tradition continues. Join HOPE, CAK, and GCA as we celebrate 10 years of the Battle of the Bottles!

How to Donate:

  • Go to InvestingHOPE.com/donate
  • Select your school/class in the drop down menu.
  • Type in your donation amount and required information.
  • If someone wishes to send a check, they can mail it to: Hope Resource Center, 2700 Painter Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37919.