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MARCH 20 - LS Grades Due in RenWeb by 11:59pm 
– MS/US Grades Due in RenWeb by Noon
MARCH 22 - Spring Picture Day (LS/MS)
MARCH 23 - Report Cards Go Home (LS/MS)
MARCH 29 - Easter Chapel (All School in Worship Center)
MARCH 29 - Lunch on the Lawn (All School)
MARCH 29 - The Rammies (US Talent Showcase)
MARCH 30 - Good Friday (No School)
APRIL 2 - Easter Break (No School)
APRIL 10 - Admissions Open House (9am | GSM Building)
APRIL 10 - Math Olympics at Concord Christian (3rd-8th grade)
APRIL 20 - Nashville Field Trip for 4th Grade
APRIL 23 - Night of the Arts (All School, 6pm | Worship Center)
APRIL 25 - Biztown Field Trip for 5th Grade


MARCH 21 – Book Club
MARCH 28 – Divisional (US student schedule advising training)
APRIL 4 – US Dept. Mtgs/MS Scheduling Mtg/LS Divisional
APRIL 11 – All Staff Meeting
APRIL 18 – US Aspire Test Training/MS Work in Rooms/LS Divisional
APRIL 25 – LS/MS Aspire Test Training/US Divisional


1) Grades Due - LS Grades due on March 20 in RenWeb by 11:59pm and MS/US Grades due on March 21 in RenWeb by noon. Reports Cards go home on Friday, March 23.

2)   MS Student Life - In honor of March Madness, MS students may wear jeans and their favorite team’s shirt to correspond with Student Life.

3)   MS Lunch - Students should not purchase soft drinks during MS lunch. The vending machine is permissible after school only. Each classroom should make this announcement first thing on Monday morning.

4)   MS Student Athletic Bags - Beginning on Monday, March 19th, all MS student athletic bags are to be placed in the backside of Coach Hoffmeister’s office. Students should respect the space and be sure to keep things neat. Teachers – please relay this message to students.

5) Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon/5K/Kids Run - 5K/Kids Run: March 24 & Marathon: March 25. We are encouraging as many within the GCA community to participate in the "Fittest School Challenge." You can find more information and register HERE. *Be sure to register for the Grace Christian Academy team*