As part of the Mission Engagement Development Process, Upper School students at Grace Christian Academy participate in meaningful mission experiences and service to others. Students are encouraged and expected to reach out to the needs of their fellow students, churches, local non-profit agencies, and people all across the world.

The goal of Mission Engagement requirements is to engage our students both academically and spiritually as they seek to glorify God through service to Him. Through their experiences, students will develop skills in planning, research, communications, service, and leadership. It is the hope that their work, combined with their personal experiences in ministry, will serve to enlighten their minds and inflame their hearts, that they might ultimately be transformed into both lifelong learners and servants of Christ.


A mission experience is any act of volunteer/non-paid service for others that involves ministering/serving those outside your immediate family. Experiences must be completed under each of the following 4 categories:

Categories: Must have Experiences in all 4 categories by the end of 10th Grade

Education | coach, preschool volunteer, camp worker, teacher, etc.
People in Need | elderly home, soup kitchen, shelter, special needs kids, etc
Community | community centers, fire department, parks & rec, clean a stream,.5K run for a cause, etc.
Campus Based | A wide variety of activities and options will be made available throughout the year.


Freshman | 3 experiences in 2 different categories, totaling 9 hours: to be completed from June 1-May 15
Sophomores | 4 experiences in 2 remaining categories, totaling 12 hours: to be completed June 1- May 15
Juniors | Choose a Mission Partner, 4 experiences with LMP, totaling 12 hours: to be completed June 1-May 15
Seniors | Mission Partnership, 4 experiences in 2 different categories, totaling 12 hours: to be completed June 1 - April 30


Students will be required to fill out a Mission Engagement Reflection Form (MERF) for each mission experience from 9th-12th grade. This form will summarize each student’s mission experiences and prompt them to reflect on the impact it has had on them personally as well as on those they served. It will also detail documentation for scholarships and awards. In summary, the MERF provides students opportunities for celebration, deep reflection, accountability, and updated community service records.


A Mission Partnership is a deeply invested relationship between a GCA student and a non-profit organization during a student’s junior and senior year.

Mission Partnership Example: Johnny Student and Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries


A Local Mission Partnership is selected, proposed and approved by September 15th of a GCA student’s junior year. A student must submit a Mission Partnership Proposal (available online) to the GCA Mission Engagement Planning Committee for approval prior to entering the partnership. Changes in a partnership must also be approved by the planning committee.