At Grace Christian Academy, we are blessed to enjoy remarkable facilities for our athletic programs.  Because of the generosity of donors and significant gifts, our students enjoy state of the art facilities for conditioning, practices, team meetings, and games.

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The cross in the center of the GCA Athletic complex signifies the mission and vision of Grace Christian Academy:  to Lead, Build, and Equip students to become the next generation of Christ followers.

Completed in the summer of 2019, the tennis courts at GCA are the newest addition to the athletic facilities on campus.

The top floor of the Coffey Fieldhouse offers an exceptional weight room for strength training and conditioning.  Athletes from every sport utilize this space during the year.

The Coffey Fieldhouse is the most prominent building adjacent to the athletic fields.  This building, used by athletes in all sports for off season training and in season strength training, also offers practice space for the wrestling team. The fieldhouse includes a fully equipped weight room, wrestling team practice space, athletic offices, and a dedicated film room.

The dedicated film room located in the Coffey Fieldhouse offers an excellent resource for GCA athletic teams and coaches for game preparation and review.  This space is also utilized when needed for parent meetings, educational purposes, and a variety of campus events.

The GCA Baseball Field, with a turf infield, is rarely affected by weather conditions and provides a great surface for practice, games, and tournaments.

The GCA Baseball field offers a turf infield and an exceptional space for practice and games.  Because of the excellent, weather resistant surface and well equipped facility, the Rams are able to play games with less interruption from weather issues.

Located in between the football/soccer and baseball fields is the Press Box and Batting Cages.  These excellent facilities offer space for the baseball team, as well as space for media coverage during home games.

Visitors and GCA fans are greeted by the statue of the GCA mascot, the Ram, as they enter the field area.

These impressive wrought iron gates allow team entrance onto the football and soccer field.

The turf field at Grace Christian Academy is used for football and soccer practice and games during the respective seasons.  This field was one of the first turf surfaces installed on a school campus in the greater Knoxville area and has provided an exceptional playing surface for our athletes.

The Press Box, located adjacent to the turf football and soccer field, offers exceptional coverage for coaches and media personnel during home games.  A concession stand and restrooms are located on the bottom floor, offering a convenient location for home and visiting team attendees.

The GCA Softball Field is located just above the turf field and offers an excellent playing surface, dugouts, and bleachers for the home and visiting teams.

The GCA Wrestling Team enjoys a designated area for practices on campus, located in The Coffey Fieldhouse.

The Upper School Gymnasium houses a variety of campus events, including Varsity Volleyball, Basketball, tournaments, in addition to school activities.