Middle School

To further enrich the educational program at Grace Christian Academy, our Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in the Fine Arts Program.



Art is offered as an elective class for Middle School students. Students use a wide variety of mediums and have the opportunity to create unique projects during the year. Artwork from each student is showcased during the annual "Night of the Arts" event held each spring. This event gives GCA students the opportunity to celebrate their God-given gifts in the areas of art, photography, drama, and music.


Beginner Band
Beginner Band provides an elective opportunity for students with no experience. Students will learn how to read music and play an instrument. The program pace is designed to equip students to pass the audition for Intermediate band. Students will perform a Winter and Spring concert as well as participate in a solo and ensemble recital.

Intermediate Band
Intermediate Band provides an elective opportunity for students with 1 to 2 years of experience on a band instrument. Students will learn a variety of musical styles designed to equip them to perform in a variety of formats. As a Pep Band the students perform at Middle School football and basketball games once a week during each season. As a Jazz Band and Concert Band, students perform at nursing homes, chapel services, amusement parks, as well as Winter and Spring concerts. Additional opportunities with the East Tennessee Band and Orchestra Association are available as a member of the Intermediate Band.


Choir is an elective option for Middle School Students. As choir students progress through the semester, they learn proper vocalization techniques and gain skill singing individually and in a choral group. A significant purpose of the music program at GCA is that students will experience a deeper level of worship and resulting growth in their relationship with God. The choral groups perform in a winter and spring concert each year.


There are several options available to students within our Drama Department, depending on experience, interest, and ability.

Middle School Drama Class (by audition only)

Auditions are open to all middle school grade levels. Students who qualify for this class meet each morning at 7:10 a.m. for rehearsal and perform a play during the year.

7th Grade Drama Class

Students in 7th grade drama learn pantomime, storytelling, radio drama, monologues, clan dramas, time machine speeches, and option plays. This class performs regularly in lower school chapel.

8th Grade Drama Class

This class emphasizes acting skills, improvisation, characterization, and reader's theatre. This class performs a reader's theatre in middle school chapel, and takes a field trip to see a musical to further enhance their experience.