Tuition Assistance Important Points

Important points: What you need to know

  • Students must either be currently enrolled or have applied for grades K-12 to be considered for tuition assistance (enrollment/application fees are non-refundable).
  • The school’s goal is to provide help to as many families possible who demonstrate financial need.   It is possible that the number of qualified applicants may exceed the tuition assistance resources, so GCA may not be able to meet 100% of the demonstrated need for each applicant.
  • The average tuition assistance grant is designed to support families in the financial commitment of tuition payments but not intended to cover the total tuition cost.  The family is responsible for payment of the tuition and fees above the grant amount.
  • Tuition assistance is awarded based on demonstrated financial need only; no student is given tuition assistance based on academic or athletic ability.  (Merit-based scholarships of any kind are not provided.)
  • The initial round of tuition assistance awards will come from the first pool of applicants whose applications are completed and verified by March 31.  Decisions for the first round of awards for tuition assistance will be made in April.   We encourage families to enroll and apply for consideration for tuition assistance as early as possible, but families who apply to GCA after the March 31 deadline are also given the opportunity to apply for tuition assistance.
  • Parents must re-apply each year for tuition assistance to demonstrate a continued need.

How does the application and awards process work?

  1. Parents must apply for tuition assistance on-line through FACTS Family Online.  FACTS requires verification of application information through submission of various documents including, but not limited to, tax returns and W-2 forms.  (Awards cannot be considered until applications are verified; therefore, delay in submitting documents could result in forfeiture of award consideration.) Verified applications must be completed by March 31.
  2. The application cost is $40.  Parents should contact FACTS Family Online with application questions.
  3. After the application review, GCA is notified of the amount of qualified need to be considered toward the student’s tuition account.
  4. The qualifying amount is reviewed, and an assistance amount is determined based upon a combination of factors, including: the amount qualified for, the amount of assistance dollars available, the academic effort put forth by the student and the conduct and attitude of the student.
  5. The final award offer will be sent via email from FACTS Family Online and will include a link to accept or decline. Once accepted, the award will be applied to your student's account by the Business Office.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

If you are a new family or a current family who has never applied for tuition assistance, you will need to select "Register" and create a new Grant and Aid account.  If you have previously applied for tuition assistance, you will choose "Sign in" and use your existing username and password for Grant and Aid.


“Tuition was my main concern. As I became overwhelmed with this, I heard the Lord say 'take it one year at a time'... I know my daughter is supposed to be at  GCA and  He will provide.”

GCA Parent, Molly Marks