Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Continuous Enrollment?
A: Continuous Enrollment is a system that is positive, paperless, and offers convenience for families. It allows students to be continuously enrolled at GCA through graduation. Parents sign the Continuous Enrollment agreement in the year in which their student is admitted as part of the Online Enrollment process. 

Q: Why Continuous Enrollment? 
A: We have listened to parent feedback and understand that an annual re-enrollment process in January and February coincides with an already busy time of year. Our goal is to simplify the process for families with the understanding that their child will be automatically reenrolled at GCA until graduation unless otherwise notified by the parents. 

Q: How is the re-enrollment fee collected? 
A: Rather than a separate re-enrollment fee, the continuous enrollment fee will be included in the monthly tuition payments during the prior school year.

Q: I have changed my mind about my current tuition payment plan. What should I do? 
A: Your tuition payment plan will be renewed each year unless written notice to change the payment plan option is provided to the Business Office. Contact the Director of Student Accounts to make changes to your payment plan. 

Q: What will the tuition rates be for next year? 
A: Tuition rates for the upcoming school year will be posted to the GCA website in December. 

Q: I submitted my Continuous Enrollment Agreement (CEA), but we are not returning for the next school year.  What should I do?
A: To withdraw for the following school year, you must complete the GCA Withdrawal Form, available in the office. 

Q: When can I apply for tuition assistance? 
A: Current families may complete the application for tuition assistance after January 22, and must be submitted by the March 31 deadline. New families may apply after receiving acceptance for enrollment. 

Q: I am enrolling a new sibling. What do I need to do? 
A: Complete the online application process at, under the Admissions tab.