Winterim, an educational distinctive of Grace Christian Academy, takes students beyond traditional classroom study into unique learning experiences.

"Learning outside the traditional classroom" has become the mantra of GCA's Winterim program. The week before spring break, students leave traditional classroom settings to travel (domestic or international), take on-campus courses, or participate in an internship (upperclassmen only).

Students can review a course catalog in early January each year, and and online registration begins later in the month.  Upperclassmen are encouraged to utilize the Winterim week to explore potential career fields through internships.  The Guidance Office will help connect students and potential Winterim employers, as well as provide guidelines and information that students can present to a prospective internship partner.

Successful completion of Winterim is a graduation requirement for GCA students.


A group of GCA students during a trip to Germany, Winterim 2020 

GCA students visiting New York City, Winterim 2020