Guidance & College Counseling


The Guidance program of Grace Christian Academy serves to encourage and support students in the discovery of God’s design and the fulfilling of His destiny in high school and beyond. We are honored to partner with parents in this great adventure, eagerly embracing the challenge of equipping young men and women to live out their unique calling in today’s world. We strongly believe that God has called us to promote intellectual and spiritual growth in our students, along with preparation for vocational service.

In line with this mission, special care is taken to guide middle school students in developing high school four-year plans that connect course selection with educational and occupational goals. Career assessment and our unique Winterim program provide our students with information and instruction in identifying their individual gifts, talents, and passions for work in God’s world.

The Guidance office provides individualized help for students academically as they strive to realize their maximum academic and personal potential in our rigorous college preparatory curriculum. We guide students through the “maze” of college selection, helping them discover God’s fit for them in their post-secondary planning. We also advise and support our students in the quest for scholarships and financial aid as they take the next step in their educational journey.

As issues arise in the lives of students and their families that make academic and spiritual growth difficult, we are committed to providing biblically focused counseling services through professional and caring Guidance personnel.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the specifics of our Guidance services. Thank you so much for your interest in Grace Christian Academy.

Allison Lay
College & Guidance Counselor