The Upper School curriculum is focused on core courses in Bible, English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and History, with concentration on the writing process, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development. A high value is placed on collaboration, with all departments working together to encourage and support each student’s personal and academic maturation.

Students move through courses in Math, Science, and Foreign Language in a sequence that is appropriate for their skills level, which ensures that grade level does not limit course selection. GCA offers honors courses in English and formal Advanced Placement courses in English, United States History, European History, German, Spanish, Calculus, and Studio Art.

A distinctive of the upper school is the opportunity students
have to participate in job shadowing, community service,
mission trips, and environmental studies during a one-week
experience called Winterim.

In order to graduate, students must earn a minimum of 26 credits in grades 9-12. Seven credits are available each year. Credits are awarded on a semester basis, not on the basis of the yearly average in each class. For a complete listing, including Course Descriptions, click HERE.

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