Early Middle School


The Early Middle division, designated specifically for 5th and 6th grade students, offers tremendous benefit and opportunity to develop important skills during this critical life stage. The Early Middle Division was created to bridge the gap between the Lower School and Middle School years and meet the needs of students in this important transitional period.

Academic Program

5th and 6th grade teachers utilize traditional instructional practices with a heavy emphasis on the development of crucial skills Early Middle students will need for Middle School and beyond. This includes study skills, use of lockers, time management, social engagement, and host of other executive functioning tasks.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities

Students are engaged in a variety of fine arts opportunities including the chance for 6th graders to compete in our annual Storytelling competition. This division also offers the opportunity for Early Middle students to participate on some GCA sports teams.

Early Middle Progression Chart


What our students say about GCA Early Middle School...

Chase, GCA Early Middle School

"What I love most about GCA is the teachers!  They make GCA, GCA."

Sarah Beth, GCA Early Middle

"I am thankful for GCA because we have a chance to learn about God.  Everybody on the staff team and the teachers try their hardest every day to help us learn."

Pete, GCA Early Middle School

"I am thankful for GCA because of all my friends and how we’re able to dig deeper and learn more about the Bible." 

Drayden, GCA Early Middle School

"I am thankful for GCA because all of the teachers are very kind and won’t hesitate to answer your questions.  I feel very safe coming to school here because when we practice our drills they always go smoothly.  I love my friends that come here and I love this school."