Meet our Students!

Daniel Vaught

"My favorite teacher is kind, sweet, and loving.  I enjoy how we do a bunch of fun things in her class."

Sophia Newton

"The people, the opportunities, the teachers, and everything about GCA is amazing."

Chloe Cunningham

What do you like most about GCA so far?  "Everyone is super kind."

Wyatt Noe

"Since we get an hour of Bible class, I get to really think about God."

Sully Hickle

"My favorite thing (about GCA) is how kind everyone is."

Katlyn Ray

"Having a Christian community such as the NBHS in the school has helped me grow spiritually through insightful conversations and by having friends surrounding me who encourage me to go deeper with my faith."

Thomas Walker

"Having authentic and deep conversations with teachers and peers helped me to see what being a true Christian looks like. GCA is passionate about me knowing my God-given purpose." 

Justin West

"Over the past few years of high school alone my spiritual life has taken off and allowed me to strive for Christ every day."