Meet our Faculty & Staff!

Kerri Goin

Meet Kerri Goin, the GCA Kindergarten Teaching Assistant.  We're so blessed to have her on our staff and impacting the lives of children every day on our campus.

Roger Sexton

"I see Grace trying to equip young people to walk closer to God while learning and getting their educational requirements."

Colton Sweet

"The way I incorporate Christian worldview in my classroom is by relating history to what is also going on that time in a biblical sense. This allows students not only to learn the history, but also see how Christianity developed over time."

Geoffrey McReynolds

"I love this school because it has molded me into who I am today. Having the opportunity to pour back into this school and middle school students was something that I could not pass up."

Shawn Mehegan

"I want students to know that they are loved, not alone, and that there is nothing that can separate them from Jesus."

JP Payne

"God has given us each a gift to use for His glory. Maybe that’s math and maybe it’s not, but I’m here to influence and guide students to find their God given gifts."

Caroline Cross

"I want my students to experience Jesus in literature, writing and discussion; but more so, I want my students to see Jesus in my actions, words and reactions."

Kristina Kenny

"When walking into GCA, the atmosphere is always positive and uplifting. The teachers welcome every family with open arms and will go above and beyond for each student." 

Megan Croft

"I love surprising students in the classroom with fun learning experiences, with high academic expectations. I work to make even the mundane interesting and exciting."