Ram Run 2023

Our spring fundraiser and first annual Ram Fun Run & Walk is right around the corner and we are so excited! We encourage every student to participate in this interactive fun run and walk, with live a DJ/emcee, fun music, and special surprises, on our campus Friday, April 14th.

Each division will begin at staggered times across campus, and we will end with an All-School Celebration on the football field at 2:00 pm.

All funds raised through this event will support our GCA Fund. This school year we have put additional playground shade, Pre-K and Preschool play equipment, purchased new microphones and rented flying equipment for the theatre department, purchased much-needed STEM equipment and furniture, and started plans for an outdoor classroom.

Fundraising Tool

This year we are using a platform called 99 pledges to help us with our fundraising.  As a parent, you will receive a message from 99 pledges with your student fundraising page already created.  You can add details to this page if you would like, but not necessary. 

·      Each page has a share button where you can email, text, or share on social media your fundraising page to invite friends and family.

·      You can still turn in checks each day to your teacher as well, we will simply add this to your fundraising thermometer.

·      Track your progress to see if you have met your goals on your personal page.

All funds, minus a small credit card fee will come directly to GCA.

Preschool Pre-K Schedule of Events for Interactive Fun Run/Walk

Tues/Thurs 2’s:                               9:30 am on 4/13 in Chapel

All 3’s:                                              10:15 am on 4/13 in Chapel

All 4’s:                                              11:00 am on 4/13 in Lower School GYM

MWF 2’s:                                          9:30 am on 4/14 in Chapel

MWF 3’s & 4’s:                                11:00 am 4/14 in Lower School GYM


K-12 Schedule of Events

K-1:                                                                1:30 pm on Baseball Field

2-4:                                                                1:20 pm on Football Field

5-8 Color Run/Walk Begins:                     1:20 in the carline area

All-School Celebration: 2:00 pm on Football Field

**US Students will be participating with each grade level across campus and receiving service hours.

Every GCA student's experience will be enriched through ONE Grace giving.

Monthly and one-time gifts will be put to practical use right away on priority items like additional classroom technology, upgraded security systems, new STEM lab equipment, and more classroom resources to enhance the learning experience.  We plan to invest into every area of the school including Academics, Arts, and Athletics