One Grace Initiative

Be a Part of ONE Grace!

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What is ONE Grace?

The ONE Grace initiative is one of the avenues to support the GCA Annual Fund through an ongoing, sustainable source of financial support for Grace Christian Academy.  ONE Grace provides a great opportunity to highlight what God is doing in the lives of GCA alumni and current students.

We are challenging the individual stakeholders of GCA to come together as ONE to make an enormous impact together.  


What is our goal?

Our measurement for success in ONE Grace is the number of families who participate.  If each of our GCA families gives (or recommends a donor) to help raise $600, we will raise $300,000 together! 


Let's come together as ONE Grace to do something we can't do on our own.


I'm ready!  Where do I start?

It’s easy to be a part of the ONE Grace initiative!

To give to the ONE Grace Initiative, please set up a secure account for your online donation. Select the "Sign-In" option on the ONE Grace Donation form, choose a username and password, create a profile, and start donating.

Give to ONE Grace

E-Giving makes it easy to:

  • Make ACH bank account or credit card donations
  • Keep track of your donation history
  • Change or update payment information

Important: If you have established a user account and password with E-giving and require assistance, please contact E-Giving directly at 1-877-771-3336.

Every GCA student's experience will be enriched through ONE Grace giving.

Monthly gifts will be put to practical use right away on priority items like additional classroom technology, upgraded security systems, new science lab equipment, and more classroom resources to enhance the learning experience.  We plan to invest into every area of the school including Academics, Arts, and Athletics