The GCA Learning Center - Making a Difference in Student Lives
Ms. Emily Donels, GCA Learning Center Director

Are you familiar with the GCA Learning Center?  It's a powerful resource for students on campus who need additional academic support.  The services offered can make a significant difference in the academic experience for many!

At Grace Christian Academy (GCA), we recognize and value the variety of learning styles among our students.  When there are a variety of learning styles, students present with different levels of academic needs.  The Learning Center serves as a level of support to assist students with a variety of academic needs.  The Learning Center’s goal is to meet students at the point of their need and help move them to the peak of their potential. 

Our key verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  We want each student to truly know that they are uniquely and individually made with a God-given plan and purpose for their lives.  Academic challenges don’t diminish His plan and purpose for their lives and in most cases, He uses these challenges to grow their faith and to develop perseverance.

Learning Center services are offered K-12 during the school day.  Our Learning Center Director and Staff are available to answer any questions regarding services.  There are a couple of ways to access the Learning Center:

1.      Learning Plan Option

·        Available to any student with a diagnosed educational disability that is impacting their participation or performance in their classroom.

·        Plans include classroom accommodations that support the student’s learning needs.

·        Outside evaluation reports must be provided by the parents to support a student’s need for a learning plan.

·        Evaluations must be current and updated every three years to determine continued eligibility.

·        Direct services may be accessed through the learning center to support the specific learning need at an additional cost.


2.      Tutoring Support Option

·        Tutoring support is available to any student at an additional cost as long as there are spaces available.

·        Tutoring support is available for most subject areas in the Lower School and Middle School.

·        Tutoring support is available for the following subjects in the Upper School:

Algebra I

Algebra II



Environmental Science




Again, if you have any further questions regarding the Learning Center or the support services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  It’s a privilege to partner with our families and students here at GCA. 


Ms. Emily Donels has been on the GCA staff since 2016.  Her education, expertise, and compassion for students with learning disabilities and challenges make her a strong resource for GCA families whose children are in need of additional support.