GCA Hosts STEM Camp
Haylee Marshall

In June, 73 students, from 16 schools, in grades K-6, participated in STEM camp.  This weeklong summer adventure provides opportunities for fun, open-ended, hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering and more. 

GCA will incorporate additional STEM education resources into the curriculum next year; however, this STEM camp has been a summer staple, for the past five years.

“STEM education teaches you important creative processing and problem-solving skills.  It shows students that when something doesn’t work out the first time, this is when you can be at your best.” Dr. Amy Henderson, K-8 principal, said.

Some of the activities students experienced this week include:

·      Ocean research as they adopted their own robotic fish and designed and patented aquatic plants.

·      Discovered real space exploration technology when they created Spacepacks and AstroArm devices.

·      Combined science and art to build their own robotic artist, engaged in design thinking, and made spin art.

·      Experimented with physics, engineering and gaming as they designed, built and tested their own mega marble arcades.

“I am eager for the fall as GCA will invest in more STEM education resources.  We are adding a new K-8 STEM teacher and lab for students and look forward to seeing how God uses this role to expand our students thinking and problem solving abilities.” Henderson added.