Building a Partnership - How You Can Support Your Child's Teacher
Mrs. Kim Giles, GCA Director of Student Services

The partnership between GCA and our families is a beautiful relationship that provides a great benefit for our student.  Learn how you can partner more effectively with these leaders that God has placed in your student's life every day.

One of the most important pieces of the partnership between GCA and our families is the relationship between teachers and parents.  It is a beautiful relationship that God provides for families in the GCA community that we are truly partnering together for the benefit of our students.  There are many ways parents can work together to provide support to teachers in this partnership. 

·        Pray for your child’s teacher.

o   Please pray for the health of your child’s teacher and for members of that teacher’s family.  One of the most difficult situations a teacher is faced with is being absent from the classroom.  The daily functions of the classroom continue whether the teacher is present of not, so even when sick a teacher must prepare for someone else to step in and take their place for the day.  Please pray for healthy teachers and healthy families so that your child’s teacher may be present as often as possible.

o   Your child’s teacher has many roles in life in addition to teaching your child.  If your child’s teacher is married, please pray for that teacher’s spouse.  The tasks of a teacher are seldom complete at the end of a school day, and most teachers take home many hours of work each week.  Pray for a balance between work and family.  Pray for a marriage that would glorify God and be protected from the attacks of the enemy.  Pray for your child’s teacher to be the husband/wife God has called him/her to be. 

o   Many of our teachers also have children of their own- some living at home and others who are already grown.  At the same time our teachers are fulfilling the calling God has placed on their lives to educate your children, they are also striving to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives to parent their own children in a way that honors Him.  Please pray for your child’s teacher as a parent and also for the children of your child’s teacher.

o   Many of our teachers also serve as caregivers for their aging parents.  Please pray for the health of aging parents and for strength and wisdom as some of our teachers serve in this role of caregiver and must make difficult decisions about care.

·        Keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher.

o   Your child’s teacher cares about your child and wants to help in any way possible.  Often it is difficult for a teacher to help if he/she is not aware of issues that may be going on in your child’s life.  Keeping an open line of communication helps the teacher be prepared to meet the student’s individual needs.

o   It is also important to keep in touch with a teacher if you have concerns about the class itself.  Often parents are concerned about bringing up concerns with teachers because they are unsure of how the conversation will impact their child in the classroom.  It is best to have those conversations with teachers to clear the air and get everyone on the same page.  It is also helpful in those situations if everyone agrees to give the other party the benefit of the doubt.  Just as we want to receive, we should also give.  Sometimes conversations may seem uncomfortable, but if the end goal is the success of the student those conversations are essential for success.  Often when concerns go unaddressed they turn into problems, but those problems can be avoided with open communication between parents and teachers.

·        Help teach responsibility and grit.

o   Teaching isn’t all just about academics.  There are many areas of life that encompass a day in the classroom.  Teachers try to engrain many life skills in the lives of students so that they are being sent out into the world ready for adulthood.  Your help as a parent is essential in supporting that effort. 

o   It is our natural human inclination to want to help our children succeed, but helping them succeed sometimes requires letting them fail.  Grit is a blend of passion and persistence necessary for success in life.  It is built by navigating through difficult circumstances and learning the value of perseverance.  When we are quick to come to the rescue of our children each time they face difficulty we prevent them from building the grit that will carry them through into adulthood. 

o   As it becomes age appropriate, begin releasing control of academic responsibilities to your student so that he/she may begin learning the value of responsibility.  Partner with your child’s teacher in determining what level of responsibility is appropriate at each grade level so that we are preparing them for future success.

·        Be involved as much as you can be.

o   One of the greatest joys of being a GCA parent is being involved in what is happening at school.  We look for opportunities for parents to volunteer in many areas of our school.  Whether it be helping decorate for a program, serving food in the cafeteria, or helping with a math celebration in the classroom, the presence of parents in our building is part of what makes GCA such a wonderful place to be.  When the opportunity presents itself, volunteer!  Your child will enjoy having you at school, and this provides an opportunity for GCA staff to get to know you as well.

o   If your job or other obligations prevent you from volunteering during the school day, contact your child’s teacher to look for other ways to be involved from home.  Whether it be cutting out lamination or tearing out workbook pages, our teachers are always appreciative when parents, grandparents, or anyone who wants to lend a helping hand assist with the everyday functioning of the classroom.  There is always something to help with!

GCA is a wonderful place to partner in the education of your child.  God has called us all as parents to bring our children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  What a glorious opportunity to have a school full of educators wanting to partner with us on this parenting journey!

Mrs. Kim Giles, Director of Student Services, has been a part of the GCA staff since 2013.  After teaching in the public school system, she and her family were drawn to Grace Christian Academy and quickly became involved in the GCA community.  Mrs. Giles and her husband, Matt, are passionate about Christian education and the powerful effect it can have in the life of students.