Praying for Your Child's Teacher
Amy Bryant and Teri Rash

Teachers are only human, yet have a divine, undeniable calling to impact the lives of students.  Here's how you can better partner with your child's teachers this year and support them in prayer.

  • ·       Pray for them that they would be filled with Godly wisdom as they prepare for this school year and then as they lead their classroom. 
  • Pray that they will draw strength and energy from God as they claim the promise that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them! 
  • Pray for them they will shine Jesus in their classroom this year and that they will model Christ to their students in their words and actions each day. 
  • Pray for them to experience God's peace as they balance home life and school life.
  • Pray for them, thanking God for the gifts he has given them, that they would use those gifts to serve God first and others second, so that His will is accomplished in their lives.
  • Pray for them as they get to know their students, that they will show openness, insight, empathy, and compassion to each student. 


Just as your child’s teacher is praying for each of their students, we encourage you to pray for them, too.  Teachers are only human, yet have a divine, undeniable calling to impact the lives of students. They have the freedom at Grace Christian Academy to do just that – to teach with eternity in mind, and need support, encouragement, and prayer. 

When your child’s teacher leaves school for the day, they have dinner to cook, a pile of laundry, children who might struggle, and heartache that sometimes keeps them up at night.  They might be facing illness, aging parents, or an internal struggle that only God knows.

Knowing this, let’s commit to praying for each other this year – as teachers and staff with a calling, and parents with a divine appointment to raise their children to know Christ.  After all, isn’t that the best way to follow Jesus’ example?  Let’s show grace and let our love for one another be the most distinguishing part of our lives.