Distance Learning:  Reflections from a GCA Middle School Instructor
Teri Rash

Distance learning at Grace Christian Academy has required a sudden shift in thinking, along with ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility on the part of staff, students, and families.  Several of our teachers have shared how the distance learning experience has touched their lives just a few days into the experience...

Enjoy hearing from GCA MS teacher, Mrs. Jill Schwahn, as she reflects on this unexpected season as an educator!

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Finding Joy in the Ordinary
Teri Rash

One of GCA's longtime vendors has had employees stationed in Cookeville, Tennessee completing work on a project.  The company owners, who are former GCA parents and GBC members, received a compelling text from the project foreman who experienced the devastating tornado that recently struck the area and witnessed the unbelievable destruction.

Even as the storm began to subside, he and a teammate spent the rest of the night going door to door assisting people in need.  When they returned to the area of destruction the next day, he was so deeply moved that he sent the following text to his boss back in Knoxville.  Those who have read his reflections have been touched and inspired by his words.  

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Caring Beyond the Classroom
Allison Lay, GCA Parent

"We brought Caroline in and she asked, 'Molly, am I going to die?'”

At GCA, we often mention the genuine love that our faculty and staff have for our students.  The Lay family saw firsthand the depth of the relationship and love that their child's teacher had for their daughter when faced with an unimaginable crisis.

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